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What do you know about Modern Sofa Set?

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What do you know about Modern Sofa Set?

Modern Sofa Set is usually placed in the corner of the wall to make the interior space look beautiful. There are many combinations of Modern Sofa Set. The common ones are single seat, double seat, triple seat, chaise bed and step (single chair). They can be combined at will according to the size of the location.

How is the Modern Sofa Set contracting process?

What are the sizes of the Modern Sofa Set?

What are the precautions for purchasing Modern Sofa Set?

How is the Modern Sofa Set contracting process?

a. The frame of the Modern Sofa Set is covered with a layer of 2-4cm thick recycled high-rebound sponge (especially the armrests use 2-4cm thick recycled high-resilient sponge and then paste 2-4cm thick high-rebound sponge to ensure the human body Touching the armrest of the sofa does not directly feel the wooden frame), and then stick a layer of brushed cloth tightly on the surface to minimize the friction between the fabric and the frame.

b. Modern Sofa Set uses horse nail gun to ensure the firmness of important parts such as bandages.

3. Sewing technology of Modern Sofa Set.

The surface sewing adopts an electric high-speed lockstitch sewing machine, the stitches are even and flat, and each piece of fabric is treated with trivial edges.

What are the sizes of the Modern Sofa Set?

There are many specifications of the Modern Sofa Set on the market, and it has a super random combination. Let’s talk about the size range of the general sofa 3+2+1 to give you a general understanding-3+2+1, which means that the size of the three rows on the front should be about 1.8m, which is 1.75-1 according to the national standard. Between 96m; 2 singles are placed on the side according to the normal pendulum method, each with a width of 80cm and a depth of about 90cm; the 1 is a chaise-longue sofa that can lie down, with a width of about 1m. Therefore, the normal placement width of 3+2+1 is about 4m. The specific width depends on the depth of the sofa seat you buy. The seat depth determines the width of the position occupied by the two single sofas.

What are the precautions for purchasing Modern Sofa Set?

1. Flexibility. The Modern Sofa Set composed of 5 to 7 separate sofas is movable and changeable, and its layout can be changed according to needs, giving people a sense of freshness. If you buy a fabric sofa, you can make an extra sofa cover and change it in different seasons.

2. Coordination. The fabric, pattern, and color of the Modern Sofa Set often dominate the style of the room, so it is a wise move to buy the Modern Sofa Set first, and then purchase other living room furniture.

3. The skeleton. The choice of fabric Modern Sofa Set should first look at whether the overall structure is firm, whether there is looseness, and whether the design conforms to ergonomics. You can sit on the sofa and feel whether it is stable, the angle is reasonable, and whether it is comfortable.

4. comfort. After a busy day, you have to enjoy it when you return home. The Modern Sofa Set should be comfortable, and its seating surface and backrest should be curved surfaces suitable for the physiological structure of the human body. If the room area is small, a sofa bed with sitting and sleeping functions is a good choice.

Seeing this, do you also want to order an Modern Sofa Set? If necessary, you can contact LIZZ FURNITURE they will provide the Modern Sofa Set of the best quality.

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