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Lizz furniture co., Ltd. Specializes in the production and supply of sofas of various types and materials, including leather sofa, fabric sofa, led sectional sofa, modern sofa set, modern recliners, living room sofa, button sofas and sectional, chesterfield sofa, versace sofa, sofas for dubai , etc. Professional manufacturers are here for you.

As modern sofa manufacturer, Lizz sofa factory form its unique sofa designs distinguished from other sofa suppliers. The modern sofa collection features sumptuous padded back cushions, deep comfortable seating and a contemporary design. Simple, fashionable and ergonomic designs with perfect handwork, all the details provide you the ideal living room groups whether you are entertaining or simply looking for a place to spread out and relax.


CHINA LIZZ FURNITURE CO., LTD. is professional manufactory of modern home furniture.