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Tips on sponge for Lizz sofas

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Tips on sponge for Lizz sofas

1. The classification of sponge

Commonly used sponges are divided into three types according to their structure:

*high-density sponges: density ≥ 45, usually used as sound-absorbing sponge, sofa seat cushions, flexible package, etc.

*medium-density sponges: density ≥ 18 and ≤44, usually is used as protective materials

*low-density sponges:density < 18, usually is used as protective materials.

2. Characteristics of high density sponge:

Absorbe external force




3. Application

Generally speaking, the sponges with higher density is harder. Some high-density sponges will be added with super-soft additives to make the sponge super soft. The softness and hardness of sponges with the same density are also different. It can meet various market demands in automobile, furniture, health care, toys and other industries.

Usually the density of sponge used for sofa cushions is about 35 to 45, and 28 to 35 for protections on armrest and backrest.

For mattresses density are around 22.


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