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Introduction to Three New Models of LED Leather Sofas in Production
20 May 2024

In today's rapidly evolving furniture industry, designers and manufacturers are continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Here we introduce three latest design leather sofas with LED lights.

Tips on sponge for Lizz sofas
09 February 2023

Tips on sponge for Lizz sofas

Malaysian International Furniture Fair 2023 (MIFF 2023)
01 February 2023

Malaysian International Furniture Fair 2023 during Mar.1st to Mar.4th, WTCKL #2C21

Industry News
09 August 2021

From the perspective of product categories, with the improvement of Chinese consumers' acceptance of functional sofas, various brands continue to deeply cultivate the functional sofa market, and constantly develop functional sofas with different functions and styles. At present, functional sofas on

The Reason Of You Should Use Lizz Furniture
09 August 2021

Whether you just bought a new home and need some new furniture to decorate it or you are looking to replace your existing furniture, being able to get something that fits you and your home is a must! Lizz Furniture is committed to creating furniture that fits your style. Our handmade futuristic furn


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