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Why do we need fabric sofas?

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Why do we need fabric sofas?

The fabric sofa is a necessity when we decorate our new house. It can help us fill the space in the living room, and it can also help us provide a place for temporary rest.

What are the styles of fabric sofas?

What are the quality standards for measuring fabric sofas?

What are the classifications of fabric sofas by structure?

What are the styles of fabric sofas?

The fabric sofawith striped patterns look neat and refreshing. Using them to make sofas is very suitable for simple and bright living rooms;

The fabric sofa with geometric and abstract patterns give people a modern and avant-garde feeling, suitable for modern families;

The fabric sofa with large flower patterns are jumping and vivid, which can bring vitality and vitality to dull and old-fashioned families;

The fabric sofa with monochromatic fabrics, and a large single color gives a calm and fresh living room atmosphere.

What are the quality standards for measuring fabric sofas?

Pay attention to the details of the fabric sofa.

Open the zipper of the supporting pillow, observe and touch the inner lining and filling with your hands; lift up the sofa to see whether the bottom treatment is meticulous, whether the sofa legs are straight, whether the surface treatment is smooth, whether there are anti-slip pads and other details at the bottom of the legs. A good sofa has the same exquisite pattern in the quality of the details

Feel the surface of the fabric sofa with your hands to see if there is any irritation to the skin, and observe whether the color of the fabric of the whole sofa is uniform, whether the joints are firm and smooth, and whether the workmanship is fine.

What are the classifications of fabric sofas by structure?

A. Solid wood structure-due to the scarcity of wood resources, the hard wood used for furniture structure is becoming scarce, and the drying treatment of hard wood requires very high technical means, through tenon and tenon joints. Therefore, sofas with real solid wood structure are quite expensive, and it is necessary to ask about the types of solid wood and the technical means of the factory. The fabric sofa of this type are quite rare.

B. Board-wood structure-Use cheap wood squares as beams and upright supports, combined with multi-layer composite boards to make structural skeletons by nailing. This structure has low material cost, simple manufacture, convenient molding, and high manufacturing efficiency. It is a widely used process structure. Existing shortcomings: The multi-layer composite sheet has high formaldehyde content, which is easy to cause pollution and emit a large amount of peculiar smell. The firmness is generally easy to be deformed by moisture, and the service life is short. When choosing, you should pay attention to shaking the fabric sofa to check the stability of the structure, open the bottom zipper and take a deep breath to smell whether there is any peculiar smell, and sit down again to feel the impulse response.

C. All-steel welded structure-ordinary standard square steel pipes are welded and formed under standard molds for anti-rust treatment. This process is difficult to form, long working hours, and high technical requirements. Advantages: good structural stability, high strength, good environmental protection, and long service life. Most cost-effective fabric sofas adopt this structure.

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