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Why do many people choose leather sofa?

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Why do many people choose leather sofa?

From the sofa style, leather sofascan be divided into European-style leather sofas, American-style leather sofas, and Chinese-style leather sofas. Among them, European classical and Chinese classical are more orthodox, solemn and solemn, and are more suitable for ancient and elegant decoration rooms. European-style classic inherits the characteristics of European-style furniture with heavy details and rhythmic surfaces, rich in color levels, strong artistic sense, and elegant artistic quality.

What to consider when choosing a leather sofa?

What are the advantages of choosing a leather sofa?

What is the maintenance process for choosing a leather sofa?

What to consider when choosing a leather sofa?

1. Respect the living habits of family members. The style and color of the leather sofa should be unified with the main color of the home improvement.

2. When choosing a sofa, you should first understand the area of the living room or bedroom, and choose a suitable leather sofa.

3. leather sofas that are too hard and too soft are not suitable for normal sitting and lying, and will have a certain impact on the spine.

4. The bearing capacity of the leather sofa determines the service life of the sofa, and the frame of the sofa determines the bearing capacity of the sofa.

5. The depth of the leather sofa determines whether a person feels comfortable. If you have children and elderly people at home, you should choose a sofa fabric with good stain resistance and abrasion resistance. When there are children at home, choose a sofa to consider whether the sofa is easily deformed.

What are the advantages of choosing a leather sofa?

1. The leather sofais of higher grade, the representative of noble and luxurious. There are a variety of choices, including luxurious and domineering large styles, as well as elegant and comfortable small leisure styles; it also has the advantages of smooth and soft texture, good air permeability, strong and durable, etc.

2. The leather sofa has excellent air permeability, comfort and durability. ;

3. Compared with fabric sofas, leather sofas are easy to clean; because the surface of leather sofas is smooth, it is very convenient to clean. Usually you only need to wipe it with a soft damp cloth.

4. The texture of the leather sofa is better, and it is very comfortable to sit on. The summer leather sofa feels cool and comfortable, which is very popular!

What is the maintenance process for choosing a leather sofa?

1. For the leather sofa, first use a maintenance wax to put a protective film on the sofa to prevent dirt and sweat from entering the pores of the sofa, and it will be more difficult to clean in the future.

2. Clean and maintain the sofa once a month with maintenance wax. People sweat more easily when used in summer, so you should take care of it once a week. Don't wait until the sofa is dirty before cleaning it, it will be difficult to clean it as it is.

3. Many cleaning agents are harmful to the leather, so you must choose a suitable cleaning agent. At that time, it was difficult to see when it was cleaned. After a long time, problems will occur. Real leather sofas have very precious leather. Just like human skin, they need to be carefully maintained. Only when the sofa is maintained, can the sofa be given to people for a long time. Come and use it well.

4. Don't use water to scrub the leather sofa, it will harden the leather and lose its soft feeling after a long time. Don't use detergent to clean the sofa casually, it will make the leather legs color. The second is to harden the leather; once the sofa is dirty, be sure to ask a professional housekeeping cleaning company for cleaning and maintenance.

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