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What do you know about the fabric sofa?

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What do you know about the fabric sofa?

The fabric sofa mainly refers to the sofa whose main material is cloth, which is processed by art to achieve a certain artistic effect and meet people's needs in life. This kind of sofa has good air permeability, anti-sensitivity, and is easy to clean.

What are the classifications of fabric sofas according to materials?

What are the parts of a fabric sofa?

According to which criteria should we choose fabric sofa?

What are the classifications of fabric sofas according to materials?

fabric sofas are divided into materials: pure fabric sofas and leather fabric combined sofas. According to the style, it is divided into: leisure fabric sofa and European style fabric sofa.

1. Pure fabric sofa: refers to the sofa fabrics are all fabrics (such as: blended cotton, linen, suede, etc.)

2. Leather fabric combined with sofa: It means that the fabric of the sofa is composed of fabric, cowhide and imitation leather.

3. Leisure fabric sofa: The design is more suitable for young people, the design is more in line with modern society, the design is more advanced, the sofa is rich in color, diverse styles, and there is a lot of room for choice. Suitable for modern decoration style.

4. European-style fabric sofa: The style is relatively large, has limitations, and has a European style. It is generally designed to imitate the style of France, Britain and other places.

It must be matched with the decoration when purchasing, otherwise the style is inconsistent, making the entire living room nondescript.

What are the parts of a fabric sofa?

Since the fabric sofa is filled with stuff, it is very important that the cloth is tightly attached, flat, and stiff. The joints between the two armrests and the seat and back should be carefully checked for broken folds.

If it is a fabric with a floral pattern or a checkered pattern, it depends on whether the flower shape at the splicing point is consistent, and whether the checkered is tilted or distorted. The quality of workmanship is both a guarantee and a guarantee of quality. The structure of the fabric sofa plays a decisive role.

The fabric sofa is mainly a frame structure. The firmness of the structure and the reasonable design angle will directly affect the quality and function of the sofa. Therefore, when choosing a fabric sofa, you should first look at whether the overall structure is firm, whether there is looseness, and whether the design conforms to ergonomics. When shopping, you can sit on the sofa to feel whether it is stable, the angle is reasonable, and whether it is comfortable.

According to which criteria should we choose fabric sofa?


After a busy day, you should enjoy it when you return home. The seat of the fabric sofa should be comfortable, and the seating surface and backrest should be curved surfaces suitable for the physiological structure of the human body. If the room area is small, a sofa bed with sitting and sleeping functions is a good choice.


For the elderly, the height of the fabric sofa should be moderate. If it is too low, it will be inconvenient to sit and get up; for newlyweds, the safety and durability of the future child after the birth should be considered when buying a sofa. For the sofa, it is impossible to have sharp edges and corners, and its color should be brighter and more lively.

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