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What are the steps to use a leather sofa?

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What are the steps to use a leather sofa?

Leather fibers are more atmospheric, stylish and easier to clean. A good leather sofa is also more durable. Besides, the shape is simple and fits well. The most important thing is that the leather sofa has a better texture and sits very comfortably.

What are the care measures for leather sofa?

What are the steps to choose a leather sofa?

What are the advantages of leather sofa on the market?

What are the care measures for leather sofa?

1. The leather has a strong absorption capacity, therefore anti-fouling should be considered. leather sofas are best used once in spring and autumn. When washing the sofa do not rub vigorously to avoid damaging the epidermis of the leather sofa.

2. Carefully wipe the leather sofa once a week with a clean and dry soft cloth. In case of stains on the leather wipe the remaining stains on the surface with a cloth or absorbent paper. After dipping a clean and dry soft cloth into a solution of neutral soap and water, carefully wipe the stains from the inside out and then wipe the stains off. Wipe it immediately with a clean cloth dry after it has become wet.

3. If the leather sofa has holes, fractures or burns, ask a professional to clean it.

Four. The leather sofa should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. It should not be wiped or washed with water to avoid moisture, mould and insects.

What are the steps to choose a leather sofa?

1. Look.

Good beef leather is elegant in colour, clean and greasy. I do not want sofas made of pig and sheep leather to be rough, unclear in texture and shiny. Although sheepskin is light and soft, it is not as strong as beef leather and has a liquid surface. Small patchwork workmanship affects the beauty of the sofa, the area of beef leather is larger and the overall effect of production is very good. It is soft and comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer.

2. Touch them

Whether the leather sofa feels soft and how thick the leather is, you can tell by the touch. The processing technique of beef leather is very demanding. When it is well controlled, the leather becomes soft and tender. If it is not well controlled, the leather becomes hard and firm. Without recognizing other tools, you can first grasp it by hand.

3. Seats

High-end leather fibers are carefully designed for ergonomics, so that the hips and back of the person fully fit on the sofa. People who sit on them unwittingly relax. Sofas with suitable cushions will feel very comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable sitting, no matter how good the material, the look is beautiful and the idea is clever, it is not suitable.

What are the advantages of leather sofa on the market?

1.The leather sofa is of higher quality, the representative of noble and luxurious. There are various options, including luxurious and dominant large styles as well as elegant and comfortable small casual styles;

2. The leather sofa has excellent air permeability, comfort and durability;

3. leather sofa is easy to clean compared to fabric sofas;

4. The texture of the leather base is better and it is very comfortable to sit on it.

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