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How to choose Modern Recliners?

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How to choose Modern Recliners?

The main function of Modern Recliners is to give people a rest, comfortable and good furniture, can also decorate the home, and can also sleep, which is to give people a very good feeling.

What are the main materials of Modern Recliners?

How to maintain Modern Recliners?

How to choose the suitable Modern Recliners?

What are the main materials of Modern Recliners?

1. Rattan Modern Recliner is characterized by being simple and elegant, and shiny, it looks bright and cool, and it is also light and convenient. Whether indoors or outdoors, it can give people a sound environment and a healthy and warm day.

2. With the gradual enhancement of our environmental protection knowledge, when various green Modern Recliners become a new round of home decoration, there are also more requirements for the material of the sofa back. It not only brings people the enjoyment of the quality of life, but also makes people feel a kind of simple furniture characteristics.

3. Fabric Modern Recliners are mainly sofas that use cloth as the primary fabric. After artistic processing, they can achieve beautiful effects and then meet our daily needs. The fabric sofa is simple to clean and comfortable. Other fabric sofa covers can be replaced at any time to meet our various needs.

How to maintain Modern Recliners?

1. Pay attention to scratches on the fabric

Fabric Modern Recliners are afraid of dirt and scratches. It can be covered with sofa cushions when in use, and it is easy to clean. Avoid getting ink or the like on the sofa. It is impossible to remove the entire sofa cover for cleaning during cleaning. The best way is to lay the sofa cushions, so that the sofa cushions will be soiled in time in the later stage. Just wash the sofa cushions directly. NS.

2. Pay attention to wear and tear of leather materials

There are also Modern Recliners made of leather. This type should avoid serious wear. Do not use sharp objects to wear on the sofa. Regular waxing and maintenance use special leather cleaners and protective agents to increase the durability of the leather sofa. The service life is longer.

How to choose the suitable Modern Recliners?

1. Look at the weight

The quality core of the Modern Recliner lies in the main frame structure, which is usually made of steel pipe. The quality of the steel pipe can be seen when buying the Modern Recliner. The structure of the recliner will be firm only when the steel pipe quality is good. The simplest identification method is to look at the weight of the recliner. If it is heavier, it indicates that the steel pipe is solid and of good quality.

2. Look at the material

In order to make the Modern Recliner reach enough weight, some businesses will use some waste foot materials or small sections of pipes to plug into the steel pipe, so as to increase the weight of the recliner. In this case, the buyer needs to pay more attention to the link of the recliner and see these defective products.

3. See craft

In order to make the technology of the Modern Recliner look better, businesses will use the steel pipe surface treated by the plastic spraying process, which can make the steel pipe surface harder, more wear-resistant and more shiny. Using the paint baking process, the surface of steel pipe is easy to produce scratches, resulting in oxidation, rust and no luster.

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