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Genuine microfiber Led Sectional Sofa with Chaise Lounge

  • LZ2226
  • Lizz
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LIZZ Furniture Modern luxury couch/sofa is absolutely superior option for your home design. We select solid pine wood from Russia. The frame it's sturdy enough to support the weight of several people. What's more, we put 45% high density memory foam to all our sofas, which is very comfortable. This  gorgeous sofa features with LED lights, which not only does it add an air of luxury to the piece and your room, but it also provides a more comfortable place to lean against while relaxing with your family.

Product Features :

* European Famous Design
* Scientific Shaped & Sizes
* Skin-Touch Level Genuine Leather
* Soft & Resilience Seating
* Experienced Handcraft of Cutting and Sewing
* Strong Solid Wood Structure
* Free Combination / Modular of Different Sofa Elements
* Designed Prefab or Customized Color Choices
* Adjustable Headrest to Convenient your living
* Quality Guarantee for Durable Enjoyment

leather sofa

leather sofa

Product Specification :

leather sofa

leather sofa皮板