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Furniture events in Spring 2023 in China

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Furniture events in Spring 2023 in China

As the Chinese proverb says: A year's plan lies in spring. Have you made the plan for the whole year 2023? Which trade fairs are you goving to visit?

Here are some furniture events in spring in China:

Wed.15 - Sat.18 Mar. 2023

Shenzhen Creative Week-Internationl Furniture Fair

Wed.15 - Sun. 19 Mar. 2023

Dongguan     The International Famous Furniture Fair

Thur.16 - Sun.19 Mar. 2023

Foshan    The International Dragon Furniture Fair (IDFF)

Sat.18 - Tue.21 Mar. 2023

Guangzhou    China International Furniture Fair (CIFF)

Thu. 23 - Sat. 25  Mar. 2023

China(Beijing) International Gifts, Premiums and Houseware Exhibition

Tue.28 - Fri.31  Mar. 2023

Interzum Guangzhou (Asia's leading furniture production fair)

Tue.28 - Fri.31  Mar.2023

Shanghai International Hotel Furniture, Commercial Customization and Soft Decoration Design Exhibition

Lizz Furniture is located in Foshan, with showroom right around the IDFF and about one hour from Guangzhou(CIFF), it's also just half hour away from the main furniture wholesale market. 

Welcome to visit our factory, simply give us a call and we will guide you here.

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