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5 Tips on genuine leather sofa maintainance

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5 Tips on genuine leather sofa maintainance

Top grain leather is widely used in all style sofas such as classical, traditional, modern, contemporary, etc. How to maintain your leather sofas? 

Here are some tips you may want to know:

1. Do not put your leather sofa under direct sunshine. The sunshine will accelarate the ageing of leather and cause cracking on the leather surface.

2. Clean your sofa with a moisturized soft cloth at least once a week to keep it clean, using professional sofa cleaning cream once a month or every two months, so that your sofa can always keep a fresh appearance. Avoid cleaners with harmful chemicals.

3. Do not put the hot cups, bottles, etc. on a leather sofa surface directly, it'll damage the surface and cause peeling off. Use a mat to proof the heat.

4. Usually leather sofa is waterproof on the surface, but too much and long time moisture or wet may cause mould inside, so when it's wet, clean it in time.

5. Once peel off occurs, send your sofa for professional repairing, the professional repairing can extend the service life of your sofa.

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