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What do you know about the leather sofa?
26 March 2022

leather sofa is a kind of sofa. leather sofa is actually a general term. Beef leather, pig skin, horse skin and donkey skin can be used as soft materials. The leather has natural pores and textures and feels full, soft and elastic. Leather fibers are therefore also popular with humans.

What are the steps to use a leather sofa?
23 March 2022

Leather fibers are more atmospheric, stylish and easier to clean. A good leather sofa is also more durable. Besides, the shape is simple and fits well. The most important thing is that the leather sofa has a better texture and sits very comfortably.

How to use the leather sofa?
20 March 2022

Some people say that the soft and aromatic scent that the leather spreads is like a bottle of noble and rare wine that goes through the traces of the years and stops over time. As furniture, leather sofas are usually made of beef leather.

How much do you know about the leather sofa?
16 March 2022

The leather sofa integrates different elements. There are local golden leather fibers and other colors are also added. In the business concept, the leather sofa stands not only for expediency, but also for status symbol.

Why do many people choose leather sofa?
02 March 2022

From the sofa style, leather sofas can be divided into European-style leather sofas, American-style leather sofas, and Chinese-style leather sofas. Among them, European classical and Chinese classical are more orthodox, solemn and solemn, and are more suitable for ancient and elegant decoration rooms. European-style classic inherits the characteristics of European-style furniture with heavy details and rhythmic surfaces, rich in color levels, strong artistic sense, and elegant artistic quality.